[Comment] “Cheat”


Friends, this is important!

How often do you hear someone, or even yourself, say “hooray! It’s cheat day.” Do you ever cringe at hearing the word ‘cheat’? You should.

It’s a word that can de-rail you.

“I’ve found that people who view themselves as having cheated usually feel demoralized and even ‘bad’, which makes it even more difficult for them to get back on track” (Beck, J. The Beck Diet Solution, 2008).

One of the groups I follow had this book as an informal book club read. The majority of them have read it but that same majority still look forward to their cheat meal / day! They’ve completely missed the point Beck is making on page 18!

It’s too early to say but I think this book could be incredibly helpful if I, and others, are willing to practice what it preaches.


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